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2015 - 12U Inter Community Recreational Girls Softball Rules



  1. Games start at 6:15 PM. Home team may warm-up on the field from 5:30 – 5:50 PM. Visiting team may warm-up on the field from 5:50 – 6:10 PM. Exception to this is Souderton where games must start at 6pm due to 8pm games. A 10 minute grace period for teams when minimum amount of players (8) is not met at start.

  2. Home team is designated by the field playing at, except when inter-township, the 2nd team on the schedule is home.

  3. Hosting team is responsible for lining the fields and setting up the bases. Guest team should assist. If both teams normally play on the scheduled field, Home team is responsible and Visiting team should assist.

  4. Home team will provide (2 new) game ball. An official ASA No. 12 green/yellow ball must be used.

  5. Coaches shall exchange line-ups prior to the game.

  6. The winning team shall notify the standings coordinator (Karen Lindsay – TYA) of the final score within 24 hours. Standings will be listed on the TYA Website, as well as emailed to coaches once a week.




  1. Games will be six (6) full innings unless darkness or foul weather forces the suspension of the play. Games called because of rain or darkness must go four (4) full and complete innings to be a regulation game (3.5 innings if home team is leading). A game that is called before its regulation length is to be suspended and replayed from where ended, at exact point. If a game has gone beyond four innings and the game is called, the score reverts to the score at the completion of the last fully finished inning.

  2. No new inning shall begin 2 hours after the start of the game. If a 6:15 start, no new inning can be started after 8:15.

  3. If a game is tied after 6 innings of play, extra innings may be played. Rule 2 above still applies.

  4. Games cancelled due to weather may be rescheduled at the discretion of both coaches. There is no consequence for not wanting to make up a game. (However, please make every effort to replay the game at the earliest date available to both teams) Home Team is responsible for arranging umpire for a Make Up game.

  5. All games will cease at the first crack of thunder or the first sign of lightning. Common sense applies. May sit in cars to wait, communicate to umpire and other coaches, if waiting or calling it off.

  6. A minimum of eight players on each side is required to begin the game (1 must be a catcher). The game can finish with no less than 7 players. There is no penalty to the team with less than 10 players. Outs will not be declared for missing players.

  7. There are free substitutions at all positions.

  8. Slaughter rule – 12 after 3, 10 after 4 and 8 after 5




  1. Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a face mask.

  2. Late arriving players shall be placed on the roster at the end of the batting order.

  3. Addition or deletion of players must be made known to the opposing coach.

  4. Travel players may play on REC team, but must be registered as a REC player all season to play.

~Travel players CAN pitch.

~May NOT SUB if not on a roster of REC (cannot call over from travel teams or up from lower travel teams unless listed as a REC player)

~Subs can play Select at lower age groups. (10U)



  1. Ten players may be in the playing field. If ten players are in the field, there must be four players in the outfield at the start of the pitch.

  2. Play will stop when the ball is under control by the pitcher within the 8’ circle.

  3. Outfielders, any formation, must start on the grass.


PITCHING – suggest discussing with umpire, in advance of game, regarding strike zone.


  1. A pitcher may pitch up to four innings per game. One pitch in an inning constitutes a full inning pitched.

  2. Unlimited Walks are allowed. (ASA rule – just for clarification)

  3. If a pitcher is taken out during an inning, she may not return to pitch in the same inning.

  4. If a pitcher hits 2 Batters in one in inning, she must be removed from that position. Can play other position at that time.

~If re-enters in another inning to pitch, and another HBP occurs, pitcher may not pitch again in that game. ~Can play other positions.

~Maximum of 3 hit batters in any combination, pitcher may not pitch again in that game.




  1. An inning (1/2) ends after 3 outs or 10 batters, which ever occurs first. (In the event there are less than two outs when the 10th batter is batting, if the ball is batted into play and an out is made, it will act the same as the third out in an inning.)

  2. The 10th batter can walk The batter will receive a two base walk and all base runners move up two bases regardless of whether or not they are forced to move up. Example: If there are base runners on 2nd and 3rd and the 10th batter walks, the runner on 2nd and the runner on 3rd scores. If there is a base runner on 2nd and the 10th batter walks, the runner on 2nd scores. The 10th batter hit by a pitch is awarded 2 bases.

  3. A continuous batting order is to be used, all players are to bat in the designated order whether they are a field player or not.

  4. Lead may be taken on pitcher release. (not an addition – was already listed)

  5. Sliding – ASA rules – Runners must avoid contact, but are not forced to slide.

  6. Unlimited Steals from any base. (ASA rule – just for clarification)

  7. No baiting the pitcher.

  8. Chin straps required.

  9. Courtesy Runner for Catcher at 2nd out.

  10. HBP – hit by pitch, batter right to choose, base or continue at bat.

~if unable to go to first base, last batted out takes 1st.

~player may re-enter at any time.

~this DOES count toward pitchers hit by pitch count.

  1. No infield fly rule.

  2. No Fake bunting.

  3. No Dropped Third Strike

  4. Bat Throwing – first time-warning courtesy for both teams/umpires discretion- Purely Safety reasons




  1. Playoffs date schedule TBD. 2 six team playoffs – Upper and Lower bracket – Single Elimination

  2. Umpire fees for playoffs are split equally across the board along with the cost of the championship trophies.




  1. Overall, ASA rules apply with the above exceptions. If you don’t see it listed, it is not any different than the rule book.

  2. Only ASA approved softball bats may be used.

  3. Safety Rule – If an injury occurs, play should cease immediately. Safety takes precedent.

  4. Each Township shall continue to observe their own rules regarding their player’s playing time.

  5. Game schedule will be sent to umpires.

  6. If game date or location, to be changed due to rain out or other issues, HOME team must contact Umpire asap, as well as opposing team. See Contact List.

  7. Make up games - up to HOME team to re-schedule umpire.

  8. If no umpires show, each team should ask a parent to umpire field and home plate. Home team should take plate, unless decided upon between both coaches.