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Memorial Day at Montgomery 11B Tournament
May 25th-May 28th
Teams:  12 Team Maximum

Entry Fee: $450.00 per team, payable to MTBSA

Format: Olympic-style pool play (3 games guarantee/ weather permitting)

Field: 50'/70' Field Configuration

USA Baseball Marking, 2 5/8" Barrel Maximum

Age: No player shall turn 12 before May 1, 2018. Proof of age required.

Trophies: Individual trophies to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams

MTBSA will supply baseballs and umpires for each game.

Concession stand will be open throughout the event and action photos will be taken.

NO AAU TEAMS ARE ALLOWED! Only B Teams will be accepted for this tournament.

Memorial Day at Montgomery Rules


Registered Teams Must be “B” classified teams
Manager Check-In
Prior to the start of your first game within the tournament, each manager must check-in at the Tournament Director’s Table located by the snack stands at Windlestrae Park. To check in, managers must have all paperwork required, including birth certificates for the rostered players, certificate of insurance, and the roster form. 
Teams must submit an Official Team Roster prior to the team’s first game with no more than 15 players. Once submitted, the roster may not be altered unless with the permission of the Tournament Director. Once the first pitch is thrown for your team, the rosters are final and there is no reason for change. Birth certificates are required for each player and must be brought to the Manager Check-In for review. Players without birth certificates are not permitted to participate in the tournament until such a document is reviewed by the director.
Each team is required to carry its own insurance and submit a certificate of insurance to M.T.B.S.A. prior to the beginning of the tournament. No team will be able to play until the information is verified.
Tournament Format
There will be 11 teams split into 3 divisions of 3/4 teams each. After division play the top 1 team from each division will advance to the playoff games on Monday. Team with the next best record will advance for a total of 4 playoff teams.

Due to odd number of participants, each team will play 4 total “pool” games.  Each team’s final game will be a repeat of their first matchup.
Playoff Seeding
Playoff seeding will be done through pool play records and needed tie breakers. 1 seed will face lowest available seed, etc.
Points and Tie Breakers
Points: Win-2 points, Tie-1 point, Loss-0 points Tie Breakers are in the order that follows.
(1) Win/Loss Record, (2) Head to Head, (3) Points, (4) Least Total Runs Allowed, (5) Least Total Runs Allowed in the first game, (6) Least Total Runs Allowed in the second game, (7) Least Total Runs Allowed in the third game, (8) Least Runs Allowed inning by inning. Not cumulative, inning by inning comparison starting with first game of division play, (9) Coin Flip.
In the event of a forfeit, the forfeiting team will be credited with a loss. Forfeits count as 1-0 in the scorebook. Any team that forfeits a game will also be ineligible to participate in a championship game.
Winning teams are the official scorer for that game. Each team will be given several Official Score sheets. The winning team must hand in the score sheet to the Director’s table immediately following the game. Both coaches must sign this form.
Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco
No alcohol or tobacco products are or will be permitted in Rose Twig and Windlestrae Parks. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in ejection from park.



Batting Cages
There is a batting cage at Rose Twig Park and Windlestrae Park. If cages are unoccupied, teams are free to make use of the cage. If a team has a game earlier than another team, they have priority over the later game.
There are several fields in use for this tournament (W #1, W #4, Rt#1, Rt#3). All fields have 70’ base paths and 50’ pitching mounds. Players are prohibited from hitting baseballs into any fencing on or around the fields.
Home and Away Teams
Home team is decided by a coin toss for all division play.
When the playoff games are reached on Sunday, the team with the higher seed is home. In the event that two teams have like records, the least runs allowed will be the home team. In the event that the records are still the same, a coin flip will be used.
Baseball Rules
All Rules follow Official Major League Baseball Rules except where the following amendments override.
Bats must comply with Cal Ripken Baseball League
Balks- WILL BE CALLED, If a pitcher balks, they will be warned first and runners will be moved accordingly at umpire discretion on subsequent Balks.
Unlimited Steals are permitted. There are no headfirst slides and they will result in an out. Players may slide head or hands first back to a base on attempted pick off plays.
Steals home are permitted.
There are drop third strikes.
If a batter squares to bunt, he may not in any circumstance, pull back and swing. This will result in an immediate out and subject the coach to ejection. This rule is in place to ensure the safety of all players throughout the tournament.
While it is not required, we strongly encourage coaches to play all players present at the game! 
Game Length and Mercy Rules
6 Inning Games will be played
12 Run Rule in effect after 4 innings (3 ½ if home team is ahead). Home teams always get their at bat if down by 10.
Games called due to darkness or weather after the 4th inning (3 ½ if home team is leading) are official as played. Any games called prior to an official game will be suspended and pick up exactly where they were when game was called.
New innings will not start after 1:50.
Time Limits
There will be a 2 hour time limit on all games and consolation games. Clock begins when the ball hits the catcher’s mitt or batter’s bat. Official will announce start time, which should be noted on the official score sheet. No inning will begin after 1:50. Any innings in progress at the 2 hour time limit will be completed. All games ended by time limit are considered official. Any games ending in a tie as result of time will be recorded as a tie in the standings. If the time limit is not reached, extra innings will be played. There are no time limits to the playoff games. There will be definite winners of those games.
Speed Up Rules
Umpire may call for speed up rules at any point in the game, which consists of 5 warm-up pitches and returning balls directly to pitchers after outs are recorded.




8  inning limit for division play games.
6 inning limit per game.
6 inning limit per day.
All pitching resets for games on Playoff Monday. One pitch thrown in an inning counts as one inning.
Pitchers must be replaced after 2nd trip to mound in the same inning.
Once a pitcher is removed from the mound he is done as a pitcher for that game. They cannot re-enter as a pitcher in later innings, even if kept on the field.
Head Coaches from each team are required to fill out a Post Game Pitching report (provided at Registration) at end of each game to track innings pitched by players and hand in to registration table.
Courtesy Runners
Teams may use courtesy runners for pitchers and catchers at any time during the inning. The courtesy runner must not be currently in the game. In the event that a team only has 9 players (or 10 if using EH), the player who recorded the last out must be the courtesy runner.
Batting Line-up
Teams must start with a minimum of 9 players. Once a game is started the team may complete the game with 8. Fewer than 8 players will result in a forfeit.
Teams have 3 line-up options: (1) 9 batters with no DH, (2) 10 batters with an EH, (3) Include all players on roster in line-up and all must hit with no DH again.
Teams may have different types of lineups facing each other. Ex. One team may bat 9 and the other 10.
If the entire lineup is batting and a player is injured, the team will not take an out for every time the player comes up in the lineup. If a player is ejected from the game, an out will be recorded each time the player comes up in the line-up.
Pre-game Warm-ups
Infield and outfield practice is not permitted in order for field crews to get the fields ready for play.
Re-Entry Rules
Starters may re-enter the game one time in same position in the batting order he was previously in.
In the event of injury only, if all legal substitutes have been entered into the game, a starting player may re-enter in the game at the injured player’s position in the lineup without penalty
In event of injury and the player can no longer participate in the game, teams with 9 players will record an out at the injured players position in the line-up.
If a team is batting 10 players with no bench players and an injury occurs, there will be NO penalty at the point the injured players spot in the lineup comes up. The team will skip his spot and continue in their lineup. An out will NOT be recorded.
In event of player’s ejection and all substitutes have been used, an out will be recorded for every time the player’s position in the line-up comes up. Starting players MAY NOT re-enter the game to replace an ejected player.
Teams are permitted to complete a game with 8 players.
Slide Rule
Teams must slide or avoid contact while running the bases. If a player doesn’t slide or avoid contact, the player is called out with the possibility of an ejection if umpires deem necessary.





General Rules
Umpires rule on all calls not covered in the amendments and rules.
Decisions of umpires are final with no room for debate!!
Fans are not permitted in dugouts or bench areas.
Bat Boys/Girls must wear a protective helmet and all times.
Game Balls will be supplied by and returned to the umpire.
Spikes: Only rubber spikes may be worn. Metal Spikes are not permitted.
A protest of rules will be settled by umpire present, or if needed an MTBSA official present, will make a decision. It may be in the best interest to continue on with no action.
Managers, Parents, Players ejected are suspended until the tournament director deems okay to reenter dugout.
In the interest of maintaining a terrific atmosphere as well as a quality event, the tournament committee reserves the right to eject any person from the site for unruly or unsportsmanlike behavior. Therefore, it is up to the coaches to carry themselves with respect as well as control the behavior of the team’s players and fans. Unsportsmanlike conduct, Harassment and Verbal Abuse will not be tolerated in the least by any player, parent, or coach and will be subject to ejection from the premises if this conduct is observed by umpires and/or tournament officials. This tourney is for the players to enjoy and experience the competitiveness of the game in a great environment. Noncompliance will result in a forfeit.
Teams finishing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded.

Rain / Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of rain, we will do everything possible to stay as close to the game schedule as possible. However, based on field conditions we may have to deviate from the established schedule. If and when we need to alter the schedule, we will use the following procedures/priorities as our guide:

1. Our first priority always will be to make sure that each team plays its minimum number of games: • We will try to maintain the original schedule as much as possible • We will attempt to have a championship game • We will never name a champion of the tournament without a championship game. • We may eliminate the semi- final round to ensure a championship game

2. Games that do not make it to regulation (4 complete innings for a 6 inning game) due to weather / darkness will be considered a suspended game and will be resumed (if possible) from the point of suspension at the earliest time available. If there is not time to resume the game, it will be considered a complete game at the end of the last complete inning and the team that is winning at that point will be the winner.

3. The Tournament Director can cancel or not complete any pool game that will have no bearing on advancement to play in the next round.

4. The Tournament Director may change the tournament format in order to complete the tournament in the scheduled time.

5. In the event of inclement weather game cancellations, the refund policy will be as follows: Play 0 Games – 100% refund,  Play 1 Game - $200 refund Play 2 Games – No refund